Spring 2015 Engine Sale Pricing
Save up to $2,500 on the NEW Jabiru Engine

*add $875 for pusher configuration due to Jabiru price increase on pusher exhaust system

Firewall-Forward Kit Prices
Kit prices vary with aircraft design, but average about $4,000. Select your aircraft under the Firewall Forward drop-down menu for more information.
Prices are in USD and subject to change at any time. 

Jabiru Engines

The JABIRU brand of very light engines was specifically designed by aircraft designers for aircraft applications. They are manufactured to exacting aeronautical production quality standards from high quality billet materials. Components are machined using the very latest computer numerical controlled (CNC) machine tools. All components are measured on highly accurate computerized measuring equipment with accuracy to 2 microns. 

Jabiru engines have been produced in Australia since 1992, with more than 6,000 in operation around the world and many in the demanding flight school environment. They incorporate simple design features, which together with realistic part prices and high times between overhaul, support low maintenance costs. Jabiru engines are currently available in two models: the 85-horsepower, 4-cylinder 2200 and the 120-horsepower, 6-cylinder 3300.

Since 2000,
Jabiru USA Sport Aircraft, LLC has served as North America’s largest distributor of Jabiru engines and airframe kits. We design and manufacture firewall-forward kits for a large variety of experimental and Light-Sport aircraft. Our licensed aircraft and powerplant mechanics provide full service and support for Jabiru engines and our own US-built Jabiru Light-Sport Aircraft in Shelbyville, Tennessee. In addition, we offer periodic Engine Installation and Maintenance Seminars that are open to all aircraft builders, owners, and mechanics with an interest in Jabiru engines.


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