Jabiru Aircraft Pty, Ltd. has been in the business of producing Light Sport aircraft since 1991. The fleet of Jabiru LSA around the world in flight schools and flight clubs has accumulated nearly half a million flight hours. Jabiru LSA aircraft have the reputation of being docile and predictable-an easy airplane in which to instruct or fly. At the same time, the J170 is plenty tough to take on the rigors of touch-and-goes and day-to-day flight training, with the same landing gear and wings used in the 1540-lb certified J430.

At the same time it is one of the most efficient personal aircraft on the market, yielding cruise speeds of 100+ knots on only 3.5 gph. The cabin is roomy with lots of leg and head room. The aircraft is a stable cross-country platform with great crosswind capability.

The airplane accomplishes its mission efficiently as a result of the design goals of Jabiru Aircraft, Pty Ltd:

  • Simplicity – All systems are kept simple in design and uncomplicated in manufacture.
  • Reliability – Components are chosen for their demonstrated reliability, then thoroughly aircraft tested.
  • Availability – The technology used in Jabiru aircraft and engines is well-known and available worldwide.
  • Efficiency – meaning great performance for the money – allowing flight schools more opportunity for profit and allowing lower-cost training for students.

The J170 provides the tools to prosper in the LSA training business over the long haul. Maintenance is always an important part of any flight-training operation. Jabiru aircraft are simple and inexpensive to maintain. The use of some common maintenance items sourced from the automotive industry helps keep costs to a minimum. Spark plugs and filters are all readily available at auto parts stores and at auto parts prices. Oil changes require only 2.5 quarts if Aeroshell 15W50. Additionally, proprietary Jabiru parts are inexpensive and more readily available here in the U.S. when compared to most other LSA aircraft.

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